Know-Where provides straightforward RFiD and IoT app solutions to help your organisation
    locate, identify and better manage assets.

Know Where,  Know When,  Know Who

Asset tracking can be a daunting task for organisations of all sizes, especially when it comes to managing multiple locations and hundreds or thousands of assets. Know-Where's range of innovative solutions harness the power of IoT, RFID, apps, and dashboards to give your organisation greater location insights and better control over your assets.

Our no-fuss technology allows you to easily and cost effectively track, locate and manage your assets , giving you complete peace of mind knowing that your valuable equipment, inventory, and supplies are always where they should be. Whether you're in the healthcare industry, logistics, Government, or a first responder/emergency service, our suite of asset location visibility solutions can be quickly configured to meet your unique needs.

Our Apps & Solutions

Know-Where's solutions are tailored for organisations that need better data when it comes to tracking, locating and auditing assets or inventories. Either in-transit or in-situ.

  • Good to Go

    Instant Manifest Verification

    Originally designed for time-poor first responders and emergency services, this solution acts as an instant manifest verification service that scans tagged assets against a manifest to confirm whether that vehicle is "GoodToGo".

  • WatchDog

    ‘Chain Of Evidence’ Monitoring

    Engineered for organisations that need to bring secure 'chain-of-evidence' monitoring to logistics and transportation activities.

Dashboards and Reporting

Know-Where's dashboards provide a user-friendly interface for monitoring and managing the results of IoT scans/reads, displaying critical information in a user-friendly format. With our reporting tools, organisations can gain valuable insights into asset availability, utilisation, and other key performance indicators, enabling them to make data-driven decisions that improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

  • Good to Go Dashboard
  • Watchdog Dashboard


Know-Where uses and engages with best-of-breed technology providers to apply the right software and hardware for your organisation's use case and unique working environment.

  • OneBlink
  • Spotto
  • 4iD
  • AWS
  • Impinj
  • Android


Know-Where is a Joint Venture between OneBlink, provider of Australia's leading Low-code Suite (LcS) for risk, regulatory and compliance focussed organisations, and Spotto a vendor with a rich history in providing IoT and RFiD solutions to make asset tracking simple.


OneBlink is a 15 year veteran of the Australian mobile app development sector and has grown to service both corporate clients as well as many State and Local Government entities across Australia and the US.

Delivered as SaaS, OneBlink’s core product LcS is a cloud based Low-code mobile and web app development platform focused on regulatory agencies and regulated industries, as they accelerate their creation of digital inspection forms, checklists and workflows to meet risk & compliance obligations.


Spotto is for businesses who want to waste less time looking for things and make better use of the resources they already have.

From a collaborative innovation hub based in a large hospital, we've pioneered self-installable indoor real-time asset tracking solutions that non-technical people can get going themselves.

Suitable for any industry, and with terrific potential in healthcare, office buildings, depots, warehouses and more, you can get started small, prove the worth, and then spread out from there.

Know-Where Use Cases

Know-Where's applicability can be used across a myriad of different industries to improve and verify the location, visibility and availability data-driven organisations need when attempting to manage assets.

Government and Public sector

Provide either near-time or real-time location visibility and insights for highly mobile assets and equipment to improve efficiency and reduce costs.


Find medical equipment in real-time, enabling healthcare organisations to remove the wasted time of equipment searches and improve their inventory management.

Utilities & Local Government

Check In / Check Out of mobile plant and fleet equipment. Extend functionality to retrieve maintenance logs and reports for that asset.

Supply Chain

Track high value and secure shipments throughout the supply chain process, and optimise your supply chain operations.


Check Out / Check In / Last Seen Location for mobile assets such as sporting equipment and digital devices.

In The Media

Bushfire Technology Pilots Program

Office of the NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer

Five innovative ideas are being funded under Round 1 of the Bushfire Technology Pilots Program. The technologies provide power to remote sites, real-time monitoring of fire conditions and data sharing, and are all field ready. The companies are working with NSW Government partners to pilot their technologies and improve the way the state prepares for future bushfires.

Bushfire Technology Pilots Program

Investment NSW

The NSW Government has launched a new funding program for NSW businesses developing field-ready technologies to assist frontline bushfire services in the state. The Bushfire Technology Pilots Program (BTPP) is the first initiative to be launched through the Bushfire Response R&D Mission, a recommendation of the Turning Ideas into Jobs – Accelerating Research & Development in NSW Action Plan.

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